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Scenic Hilltop Views

Harrisonburg, VA

Georgeanne and Ryan were so silly together their entire wedding day! It was easy to see why they were a perfect match.
Their letters to each other even sounded the same. Lots of laughing that day. And they couldn't wait to hit the dance floor!

Rustic Horse Farm 

Manquin, VA

Vanessa and Luke knew they were perfect together from the moment they met. They have so many common interests and hobbies, and neither can stop thinking about the other one when they're apart. Their relationship was only made better once they fell in love with each other's families and friends! 

Classic Outdoor Ceremony

Gordonsvillle, VA

Amber and Brandon couldn't wait for their wedding day... literally. These love birds might have tied the knot early, but when the day for celebration arrived it was nothing short of fabulous!

Romantic Lakeside

Lanexa, VA

Shayla and Bradley are certainly made for each other. You can tell by the way they make each other laugh and how they seem to know always what the other is thinking. Although the day appeared to be dark and rainy, these two were completely lit up with smiles the entire time!

Intimate Barn Setting

Staunton, VA

Cassie and Corey were High School Sweethearts who saw it through! They fell in love young, and that love only continues to grow and grow. They were both so giddy and full of nerves on the wedding day.

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